The “Microbial Bioprocess Lab“ was founded in 2016 as one of the first seven nationwide “Helmholtz Innovation Labs“. Our vision is to speed up the transfer of biotechnological processes from academia into industry by eliminating the bottleneck of time-intensive bioprocess development steps via miniaturization, automation and digitalization.

Our business areas

Want to accelerate your bioprocess optimization and get a full picture of what your microbes are doing 24/7? With our unique technology platform  and our automated workflows, we cut down process development times, and close the night and weekend gaps in your data. In line with our integral service-based approach, we create tailor-made solutions based on your individual needs for the time-efficient handling of your R&D tasks in strain phenotyping, bioprocess characterization and validation.

Want to benefit from the advantages of automated microbioreactor technology directly in your own laboratory? You can now participate in our extensive know-how: We advise you on all questions regarding the design and implementation of your new automated cultivation system. We will train you and your lab team in the latest automation workflows and microcultivation processes by our own expert team, so that you can start right away and always stay up-to-date and make the most of your valuable hardware.

Our team

Our technology partners

Core facilities of MiBioLab are unique automated bioprocessing platforms for cultivation and analytics. Our technology partners are: