Bioprocess Development  digital. automated. accelerated

We push bioprocess optimization to the next level with our automated microbioreactor (AutoMBR) platform, applicable for different biological systems (bacteria, fungi, algae). By combining microtiter plate based cultivation technology with lab robotics, we automate and accelerate your bioprocess development. Our powerful robotic workflows enable automatic process control, including online monitoring, 24/7 sampling, pH control and feeding.

Joining the AutoMBRs with our in-house design of experiment toolbox and our bioanalytical technology platform, we can offer time-efficient, quantitative process characterization under production-relevant conditions. Our full-service package is completed by validation experiments in lab and pilot scale.

We offer tailored solutions to meet your bioprocess challenges!

  • Automated microbioreactor platform

    AutoMBRs are build on the BioLector® technology for parallelized microscale cultivation in batch or fed-batch mode with online monitoring (biomass, pH, DO, fluorescence) and optional pH control.

    Integration into Freedom EVO® lab robotics enables automated workflows to maximize walk-away time. Flexible sampling, dosing, cell separation and processing/analysis tasks can be defined according to the specific process needs.

    Custom-built third party integrations offer additional functionalities beyond the ordinary, e.g. at-line microscopic imaging of your samples.

  • In-house design of experiments

    Smart in-house design of experiments (DoE) toolbox with optional adjustment of parameters and design spaces during a campaign, offers the flexibility to react on unforseen observations.

  • Parallelized lab-scale cultivation

    Multiple fourfold parallelized lab-scale bioreactor setups (1.0 L – 3.8 L) for in-depth kinetic and phenotypic analysis.

  • Bioanalytical technology platform

    Bioanalytical technology platform

    Mass spectrometry, high-performance liquid chromatography and biochemical assays for intra- and extracellular target molecule quantification.